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 With Master Dr Li Hesheng

 With Master Dr. Li Hesheng

With Master Zhang Jinglong

With Master Zhang Zhijun

With Master Zhang Zhijun

With Master Chen Xiaowang

With Master Prof. Ma Hailong


Ross was born and raised in China. As a child,  he practised the Shaolin foundation. Since 1993, He has practised Yang Style and Chen style Taijiquan and some Taiji-related weapons under the guidance of  GM MA Hong(1927-2013), Dr LI Hesheng(1926-2015), ZHANG Qilin (1947-), ZHANG Zhijun(1946-) and CHEN Zhaosen (1957-).  CHEN  Xiaowang (1945-), CHEN Qingzhou (1934-2015) and Prof. MA Hailong (1935-) have also instructed and advised him.

In 2015, Ross was invited and entered the 8th China International Taijiquan Exchange Competition, which is held every two years and this year attracts 5016 entrants from 41 countries. At this event, he won the second prize( silver medal) in the Men's Traditional Chen Taiji Hand Form and the third prize ( bronze medal) in the Men's Taiji Chunqiu Broadsword (  Guandao) Form.

Authentic Tai Chi and Qi Gong are unique individuals and professional development tools.


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