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Tai Chi For Teenagers


For most, the teenage years are a time of wanting to be noticed and accepted. That can cause anxiety, confusion, depression and low self-esteem. Mood swings are prevalent with all the hormonal changes during the teen years.

 For Teenagers, regular practice helps us realise that we are in charge of reacting to what is happening around us. The truths found in the symbolism of the movements help us see that how we choose to see the world is how it will unfold for us. The practice of Tai Chi gives us confidence and feelings of self-worth.


According to one study, Tai Chi for Teenagers, players reported less tension, depression, anger, fatigue, confusion and anxiety; they felt more vigorous and generally had minor total mood disturbance. Perfect for teenagers!

The movements of Tai Chi help the left and right brain hemispheres connect as they need to for clearer thinking. Regular Tai Chi practise improves mental concentration and focus. It brings the brain into a very calm, clear state known by scientists as the alpha state.

As far as the physical benefits, Tai Chi for Teenagers helps to combine the skeletal and muscular systems. As the participants move through the slow-motion movements, their minds become calm, their breathing deepens and slows, and their muscular tissues loosen up. All this comes about while the muscles are toning, making it an extremely proficient workout.

Tai Chi is also fantastic for balance, overall flexibility and coordination. Furthermore, Tai Chi can improve the immune system, improve your body's natural healing powers, increase breathing capacity, reduce asthma and allergy reactions, reduce stress, increase energy levels and lubricate the joints.

 Tai Chi is a superb complement to any sports program.

 It has been used in drug-abuse prevention programs and helps decrease aggressive behaviour. Furthermore, since low self-worth is at the core of most eating disorders, Tai Chi's ability to raise confidence levels and harmonise the mind with the body can help with anorexia and bulimia.