Tai Chi 4 Life School

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"Ross Ding is the best instructor they have worked with. We really enjoyed the Tai Chi session."  

--Brambles Limited Company


"On behalf of us all, thank you so much for our Tai Chi experience. We thoroughly enjoyed it and felt the many benefits of how you showed us what it means to practice Tai Chi and have your presence in the room. You have incredible energy.

We hope we come across your path again soon!"


--Lizy, Registered Homeopath



"I have been attending Ross's Tai Chi classes for two terms now and have benefited from the spectrum of his teachings in 83 forms of Tai Chi Form,  meditation and Chi Gong. Since practising Tai chi, I have felt much more centred and energised, improving my mind and body balance. Ross is a fantastic teacher as he is a patient professional with a real sense of connection and passion for teaching Tai Chi. Find your way through Tai Chi. All the best to you (Yafeng Ding) and your Tai Chi 4 Life classes!"

--Hale, Fine Artist


 "This is my third year attending Ross' Tai Chi class. It is a 1.5-hour session once a week on Saturday morning. From my own experience, I felt Ross has a great ability to tailor his lesson to suit people at different levels. He is friendly and extremely patient. He teaches us Tai Chi Form and Chi Gong and basic body exercises. I enjoy the weekly session with Ross. It helped me to relax my body and to calm my mind after a busy week."

 --Keming, Scientist


"Slow movements with the emphasis on balance and body weight shift: something beneficial to all golfers. I've been practising Tai-Chi for only six months, but not only have I already enhanced my golfing abilities, but I have also increased my fitness and relaxation levels. If you want to learn from the best, Ross is the one."  

--Alex, PGA of UK Professional Golf


'Ross is an amazing teacher of  Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Relaxed, patient, and positive with a great sense of humour! Highly recommended!"

--Evian, Video Travel Blogger