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Qigong (Chi Kung) is a mysterious part of Chinese culture, and many believe it has magical powers to transform one"s mental and physical health. "Qigong" comes from two Chinese words. Qi is the life energy inside a person that circulates throughout the body to provide inner strength and maintain good health. Gong is a method of exercise in this context. So Qigong is an exercise that cultivates better and stronger Qi. The more vigorous Qi you have, the healthier and stronger you are. Tai Chi and Qigong complement each other and, in many ways, are part of one another.

Yafeng Ding will show you many health benefits of practising this ancient Chinese art. Please visit Classes  Workshop Outdoor Tai Chi & Qi Gong Exercises Private Tuition for detailed information.


Health Qigong—Five Animals Frolics

With Yafeng Ding@TaiChi4Life

Five Animals Frolics, imitating the movements of tigers, deer, bears, monkeys and birds, is a group of physical and breathing exercises for health care with a uniquely Chinese national flavour. The system was designed by a leading physician of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220AD). They thought wild creatures regularly performed specific exercises to build their constitution and improve their life skills.

The movements are comparatively simple and easy to remember. They are also very safe, as the physical exertion required will not tax even older people.

Experience has proved that physical and mental health improves after a certain period of practice. Indeed, physical and psychological tests of people who practice Five Animals Frolics give high scores to their overall constitution, the functions of the various organs, mental attitude and power of perception, and physical fitness. In addition, the waistline in female practitioners is reduced, the cardiovascular and respiratory functions are markedly improved, and the grip strength is reinforced. Subjective appraisal about the effectiveness of these exercises by the practitioners has found enhancement of bodily strength, improvement of flexibility of joints, and enhancement of spiritual vitality and psychological confidence.


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