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10th December 2016  Saturday 10 am till 11 am 

Contents: Tai Chi Self-Therapies for Common Disease Part 1 Six-Circle Movement

The benefits assist in curing diabetes, chronic gastroenteritis, arthritis, bone spurs, hyperthyroidism, lumbago and obesity. The exercise has the effect of massaging the internal organs and strengthening their immunity.

15th December 2016 Thursday 7:30 pm till 8:30 pm

Contents: Tai Chi Self-Therapies for Common Disease Part 2

Treatment for chronic liver problems, constipation, diarrhoea, cholecystitis and neck problem. 

Location: Upstairs Hall, Coulsdon Community Centre, CR5 3BE

On Barrie, Close a service road off the Chipstead Valley Road.
From Coulsdon: it is on your right, approximately 300 yards after St Aiden's Church.
From Banstead: it is to your left 100 yards after the Murco Petrol Station. 




29th October 2016  Saturday 2 pm till 3 pm

Contents: Tai Chi Meditation 

Functions: A preliminary mastery is helpful for health building; a medium talent makes Tai Chi Chuan, especially Nei Gong Tai Chi Chuan or called Internal Power Tai Chi Chuan, much more accessible; and complete mastery can awaken human potential so much that one gains new experience about life and the union of self and nature. 


Location: Coulsdon Community Centre, Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon, CR5 3BE


 Book, please get in touch with Ross by email: taichi4lifeschool@gmail.com  or on 078 6969 1464